As The Voice narrows ever forward to its gauntlet-style throwdown finale, we get a sneak peek of which of the Top 5 might get eliminated tonight based on iTunes song performances. Three of last night's recordings hit the top 10 on iTunes: Jake Worthington's Heaven, Josh Kaufman's All of Me, and Kristen Merlin's Foolish Games. Will these be the three singers that remain on the show tonight?

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Well, one thing is for sure. Victories on iTunes sure do pay-off come vote time. If a song lands in the Top 10, the singer earns bonus points toward advancing in the show, and bonus points to finale vote total. This must come as sweet success to Worthington, who suffered from voice fatigue while recording his hit. He powered through his iTunes recording session with the support of his mom. As noted in an earlier Enstars report:

"You know, my mom being here has been an absolute blessing. I love her to death. If she wasn't here, I couldn't do this. She's my backbone."

To which mom said:

"I'm just mom. It's what moms do. You do anything for your kids."

Hometown Dedications

Last night, each of the Top 5 doubled up on performances, singing a song given by the coach and a song dedicated to their hometown. Coach Shakira's Merlin sang Miranda Lambert's Gunpowder & Lead. It was dedicated to her fans in Massachusetts. Blake Shelton complimented her on taking a different approach than his wife.

Coach Usher's Kaufman sang John Legend's All of Me to honor his own wife and kids. Kat Perkins dedicated Frozen's Let It Go to the kids in Minneapolis of which she is a nanny. Coach Blake's Worthington gave a shout-out to his best friends back home in Texas with Good Ol' Boys.  Coach Adam Levine's star Christina Grimmie performed a handsome salute to her buds in New Jersey with Some Nights by Fun. Balloons fell, and Shelton joked, "I think you just won The Voice!"

In addition to the battle raging on stage, a battle also raged in those ginormous red chairs. Levine got sweet -or should we say stinky - revenge by arranging for manure to be dumped on Shelton's truck. This was in retribution for Shelton live-tweeting Levine's real cell phone number on an earlier episode of The Voice.

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Meanwhile, Usher performed Good Kisser for the first time live. Dancing, singing, crooning, he was on fire.

Find out who gets eliminated on The Voice tonight at 8 p.m. only on NBC!

Usher's Good Kisser Live Debut