Revenge fans have enough to chew on with the return of Emily / Amanda's father, David Clarke, from the dead. But showrunner Sunil Nayer says her mother's return is a possibility too.

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Nayer says Kara, Emily's mother, is still out there, so she may make a possible return, reports E! Online on May 14.

"She's definitely come up in conversations. Season four is going to be much more about the nature of Emily's family as opposed to the Grayson family than it's ever been before," he revealed.

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"She's someone we're talking about, but we haven't figured out the stories yet, but we love her and we love the character. You never know, she could pop up."

Well anything could pop up in Revenge. But since next season is going to be a closer look into Emily's family as opposed to Victoria's, it will be exciting to see where Emily gets her danger-chops from.

Nayer hinted in an earlier Enstars report that David comes back a changed man. He is not the forgiving father Emily used to know. And she is not the little daughter David used to know. Although David's name is cleared, dear old daddy has returned a murderer- quickly dispatching of Conrad Grayson with a knife through the guts.

"One of the reasons we really wanted to bring him back was because it gives us so many places to psychologically go with this story, for everybody. And the other thing we wanted to do was, when we reintroduced him [20 years later], he's no longer a man about forgiveness," said Nayer.

Looks like revengendas run in the family tree. How will Season 4 then be different from Season 3 now that Conrad is dead and Victoria is in the cell with white padded walls?

It's going to be "dark" and "delicious," says Nayer. It's "not going to be about crossing off names on a list of who wronged David Clarke."

"We think the concept of revenge is still vital, but we think we can approach it in different ways."

Stay tuned.

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