Two Teen Wolf stars recently stopped by the set, but only one will be appearing in season 4.

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Arrow's Colton Haynes dropped by Beacon Hills for a quick visit on Wednesday, but sadly it doesn't look like he will be reprising his role as Jackson. Instead, the overachieving werewolf will remain in London while the mysterious Braeden (Meagan Tandy) returns instead, according to TV Line.

Braeden made her debut in season 3A's premiere, during which she rescued Issac (Daniel Sharman) and was subsequently attacked - but apparently not killed - by Deucalion (Gideon Emery) and his Alpha pack. Sporting claw scars along her neck, the savior-for-hire later repapered in season 3B's "More Bad Than Good."

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The actress announced her next upcoming Teen Wolf stint several months ago and was on set this week.

"More bad a**ness is coming. Season 4. Get ready!! Can't wait #TeenWolf," Tandy tweeted in February. The actress than posted a photo with Tyler Posey (Scott) on Wednesday.

What could Braeden's return mean? It's clear she makes a living rescuing people - particularly those of the supernatural persuasion - so her upcoming appearance could indicate that one of our heroes will find themselves in a seemingly inescapable situation.

Hopefully Tandy's episode will help shed a little light on Braeden's past no matter what the reasons for her visit to Beacon Hills.

Teen Wolf will return to MTV on June 23.