Prince Harry is kicking up his efforts to win back Cressida Bonas after the couple went through a high profile break up weeks ago.

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Aside from reportedly cooking for her and texting her 15 times a day, the royal's newest attempt is said to be a romantic getaway to Devon.

A source close to the on-again-off-again couple told UK paper Daily Star Sunday, "Harry asked her over to Kensington Palace last week to cook for her. It was a big gesture as he's not known for his culinary skills.

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"While enjoying dinner he invited her on a short break to a secret royal bolt hole in Devon so they can spend some quality time together. Harry has taken the split quite hard and is determined to win Cressida back."

The insider added that Prince Harry's emotions took a big hit after Bonas was spotted having a good time without him. However, Bonas' issue with Prince Harry is one that will be around for the rest of their lives.

"The problem isn't that Cressida doesn't love him. It's just that she wants to live a normal life scared off by all the attention associated with going out with a prince."

If the blonde beauty opts out of going on the trip, the two will still be seeing each other at Sam Branson's Virgin Strive Challenge. They both agreed to participate in the month-long event that begins Aug. 7.

The same source said, "Both Harry and Cress had agreed to do the hiking part across the Alps together before the split. They don't want to make a big issue out of it now they have broken up so they've agreed to carry on as planned...They are both on good terms and still very close. If he wasn't a ­member of the royal family they would still be together."