Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Baby: Newlyweds Fighting Over Child Number 2? Rapper Wants A Son? [POLL, VIDEO]

The honeymoon is over and Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly fighting over when to have another child.

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West's stepbrother, Hal "Gore" Carmichael confirmed to Life and Style magazine Wednesday that the Flashing Lights rapper wants to have another baby stat; particularly a boy.

"He definitely wants a little Kanye Jr. He won't stop until he has one. He's gotta keep his name going! Kanye has always wanted to be a family guy. There is more than one kid in the picture for him."

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Kanye and Kardashian are parents to 11-month-old North West. While Kanye is gung-ho about baby number two, Kardashian doesn't want to mess up her post baby body that she worked hard to get after delivering North; which is making Kanye "furious."

"He's been ready to have baby number two since the start of the year, but he's had to be patient because Kim wanted to look as slim and sexy as possible on their wedding day. Kim told him that they need to wait until after they got married. So he agreed to bide his time. But he thought that meant the gloves were of, so to speak, as soon as they tied the knot."

Still, Kanye is said to be "desperate" for a son and Kardashian is worried that having another baby will ruin her physique and she'll never be able to bounce back.

A separate source said, "Kanye is desperate for a son, someone he can mold into a mini version of himself. Kim knows it's a machismo thing with Kanye. But she'll be 34 soon, and she's terrified another baby will wreck her body forever."

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