Community spent five seasons as NBC's comedic underdog, always fearing cancellation and just barely making the lineup each year.

Community Canceled After 5th Season On NBC

NBC finally axed the show this past spring, opting not to renew for a sixth season. Nonetheless, Community might not be a gonner just yet.

With social media and audience support, cult favorites like Arrested Development are being revived privately through pseudo-networks like Netflix, which is the one who released a new season of Arrested Development years after it had been canceled from network television.

Community Season 5 Spoilers

Rumor has it that Community might manage a sixth season and even a movie online through Hulu. Creator Dan Harmon has stated that he will support whatever outlet Sony manages to find for the program.

Community, which often received critical praise and mediocre ratings, followed a collection of students at Greendale Community College. The program remained imaginative throughout its run, incorporating self-aware references, animated episodes, obscure faux battle sequences, and ultimately a lot of heart. The comedy even mirrored the fear of cancellation during Season 5 in the fear of Greendale closing its doors. News of cancellation came in Spring 2014 just as the season was ending.  

The sitcom ran Thursday nights during NBC's famous 'comedy lineup' alongside the popular Parks and Recreation, which will enter its seventh and final season this fall.

The comedy's return through Hulu is not yet official, but changes in how people watch television and film in the last few years could have a significant impact on the program's fate.

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