While fans of the underdog comedy Community rejoiced at the possibility of a sixth season and even a film coming together through Hulu, it is now looking like such a dream might not be coming true.

Community Season 6 Rumors

Sony recently entered into talks with Hulu about potentially reviving the program for a sixth season, as well as for a film, but series creator Dan Harmon has doubts about the talks actually leading to anything.

Community Cancelled After 5th Season on NBC

"When all that is said and done, you'd have to make a deal with me and I wouldn't do it without [producer, writer Chris] McKenna... We've already lost Donald [Glover], we've lost Chevy [Chase]," Harmon told the Calgary Herald June 11.

"It's a big cast full of talent people," added Harmon, who insists that a revival of the program wouldn't mean anything without the people who made the show what it was during it's run on NBC.

Community lasted for five seasons on NBC, even landing a spot on the network's famed Thursday night comedy line-up. The series experienced a lot of ups and downs, including the exit of two primary cast members and Harmon's departure during season four and then return for season five.

The show faced rumors of cancellation through its run, ending with NBC's decision to finally cancel the show back in May.

While the revival of cult favorites through other media outlets, ala Arrested Development on Netflix, or films through popular demand, like Serenity or Veronica Mars, has become increasingly popular, in the end it is up to the players involved to make another season or film for Community happen.

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