The hit show Covert Affairs just returned for its fifth season and star Piper Perabo is already spilling secrets.

Season 4 Finale Of Covert Affairs Drops Major Bombshells

"I do a lot [of my own stunts]," Perabo shared with Extra about working hard on the USA show. "And I do a lot of them in high heels."

Last year Perabo's character Annie had to fake her own death, leaving the show with a bombshell in the Season 4 finale. "She's pretty evasive in the first episode," executive producer Matt Corman said. "And we'll learn a lot more about where she was and what she was doing, why she felt the need to not talk about it fully."

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This season it seems Annie also has a new love interest to keep her busy named McQuaid.

"He's rich and bada-- and secretive," Perabo said. "He's played by Nick Bishop, who was on Body of Proof. I think the audience is really going to like him."

In terms of Annie's new love interest on the show, Corman told TVLine that their relationship wasn't just about romance. "Something more, but it's not necessarily nefarious. But what it is exactly, you'll have to tune in."

Corman did, however, spill that Annie will be perused by him not only personally, but professionally. "The short answer is yes, and there's a lot more than meets the eye."

Executive producer Chris Ord also added about their relationship, "There's a lot to it."