Alexander Jentzsch Death Mystery: Is Scientology Covering Up Death?

27 year-old Alexander Jentzsch died mysteriously on July 3rd and the coroner's results continue to be inconclusive. His father Heber Jentzsch is the president of Scientology and the young man's mother is pointing the finger at them for his sudden death. 

Karen de la Carriere, who left the church several years prior, is understandably seeking closure after the only child's passing on July 3rd.  However, she fears that Scientology may prevent that. She also said that her daughter-in-law, a Scientologist, will not even let her see Alexander's body.

"Jentzsch's autopsy was done last week. There was nothing abnormal about it, and his body didn't show any signs of trauma. The cause of death will be listed for the time being 'deferred,' until the toxicology reports are in, which should be about four to six weeks from now," LA County Assistant Coroner Ed Winter informed RadarOnline.

"After I formally left, he called me and told me to never call, text, email or attempt to communicate with him in any way until I got approval from the Office of Special Affairs," she said according to RadarOnline.

She added: "Alexander sounded very odd when he said this to me, and I know that other people were listening to our phone call because I could hear noise in the background.  Sadly, that was the last time I ever talked to him. I was hopeful that over time, I would be able to win my son back, and that he would allow me into his life." 

The distraught mother has continued to speak out about the death of her son and claims she is haunted. 

Encouraging separation between its loyalists and non-believers, this extremist type organization has been known for its controversy as of late.  Recently, much of the church's publicity has come in the form of celebrity culture; which includes the recent high profile divorce of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the forefront.

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