Days after Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville got into a fight at a party, have the two Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars made up again?

Brandi Glanville Slams Report She's Jealous Of Lisa Rinna

On July 3, new photos show Maloof and Glanville hugging while Housewives cameras roll. This comes after Maloof and Glanville reportedly got into it at Kyle Richards' famous white party.

RadarOnline recently reported that Maloof along with ex-housewives Camille Grammar and Taylor Armstrong attended the party and "everything was going really well." They were all even getting along with current housewives, including Lisa Vanderpump.

Adrienne Maloof And Camille Grammer Attend White Party

"Everyone was getting along, until Adrienne decided she wanted to try and talk to Brandi to smooth things over," a source told the website. "Everyone remembers the contentious relationship they previously had, as Adrienne had accused Brandi of leaking private information about her family," the source continued, "Adrienne attempted to have a civil conversation with Brandi, but it quickly got out of control."

"Brandi accused Adrienne of attempting to use her to get famous, and get back on the show," the source told Radar. "It was sad because Adrienne really did have the best intentions but it wasn't reciprocated."

Fans will have to see if Maloof and Glanville can work through their problems on Season 5 of the show. Maloof, although not confirmed for a full comeback, will be a small part of the show according to sources. TMZ reported after the white party that Maloof and Grammer will be back on the show in some capacity.