Babette's Nightclub served as a permanent fixture for HBO's Boardwalk Empire until it infamously blew up during season three. In season four the nightclub was rebuilt as Chalky White's (Michael K Williams) Onyx Club, but will last season's new club survive the Great Depression?

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The Onyx Club came about as part of a deal brokered between White and Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi) when Nucky needed help. The club flourished under White's reign and even if it does survive the financial difficulties of the 1930s, can it escape its devastating past?

White's daughter was accidentally shot and killed in the club at the end of season four, and so it is possible that White might turn away from the place in later years.

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If the club doesn't survive into season five, it may create a logistical problem for writers, as well as the need for new sets.

In 2013 HBO released a featurette about the Onyx Club (featured below) in which costume designer Lisa Padovani called the new set "very liberating."

Set decorator Carol Silverman admitted that the creation of the set was no small feat. It took two to three months just to design, though the set ultimately became a great asset to the series' narrative. "All kinds of crazy gangster stuff goes on in that room," explained Silverman, referring to the Onyx Club's private upper level room.

"It's just so lavish and so incredible," admitted series creator Terrence Winter.

The "lavish" nature of the set might just be the Onyx Club's downfall. With the series jumping ahead into the Great Depression this season, there will be less and less room for the "lavish" sets out on the boardwalk.

HBO's Boardwalk Empire returns for a fifth and final season September 2015.