'Witches Of East End' Season 2 Spoilers: Details Revealed On Ingrid's Mysterious Walk, Creatures Share A 'Connection' With Her [VIDEO]


Some Witches of East End fans may have been confused about Ingrid's strange walk in the woods, but answers have been revealed on what that was all about.

Joanna Will Have Strange Connection To A Male Witch

On Sunday, TV Line posted an interview with executive producer Maggie Friedman, who mentioned the details on what was happening to Ingrid during her little stroll. As weird as the scene may have been, it looks like there will be more moments like that.

"She's sleepwalking, and she's kind of in a trance," Friedman said. "It's a creature who she's having these encounters with, but she doesn't remember them. We'll learn more as the season goes on about who the creature is, why they're there and what their connection is with Ingrid."

Joanna Might Not Be Able 'To Come Through'

The producer also explained the deal with the mysterious sex monster, which has more of a formal name.

"'Mandragora' is what it's called," Friedman said. "There is a real thing called a Mandragora, which comes from 'Mandrake root,' but we sort of invented our own version that has all these special abilities. He's the mythical beast from Asgard."

Unfortunately, the status on how much Frederick can be trusted is pretty much on the same level as it was before.

"That's the fun we're having with his character, taking the audience's expectations and flipping them numerous times," Friedman said about Freya's twin brother. "We'll keep people guessing about what it is that Frederick wants, and whether he means them good or harm."

Witches of East End airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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