Heather Dubrow is insisting that people are jealous of her 'perfect' life and that is why they are gossiping about her marriage to her husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow. The Real Housewives of Orange County star says that there are envious people out there who are trying to break up her marriage at all costs.

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The reality television star says she is shocked when she first read reports that her husband is leaving her to go on tour with his band. She insists though that there is no truth to the rumors.

"When the articles first surfaced, I had only read the headline before I sent it to Terry," Dubrow tells Star Magazine in a new interview. "Honestly, I was a little upset when I first saw it until I got Terry's response."

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Dubrow credits her happy marriage to the success both she and her husband have had in their careers.

"When people see two successful people who are happy in their relationship, they get jealous!" Dubrow adds. "We are happy, we are in love. We aren't perfect by any means, but Terry and I are happier than ever."

Dubrow also gives out her best advice for other couples looking to replicate her successful marriage. The mother-of-four says that she and her husband have been very active at working on their marriage for several years.

"Working at your marriage is easy to neglect," Dubrow admits. "Couples really need to focus on working at the marriage to keep it successful and communication is key. Terry and I have become so good at communicating with each other."