Pitch Perfect 2 follows a band of college girls in their quest for a cappella gold, but Monday the cast decided to take some time to show their concern over a very real issue that continues in Nigeria today.

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Earlier this week Pitch Perfect creator and first-time-director Elizabeth Banks announced on her website that Monday marked the three month anniversary of the devastating kidnapping in Nigeria, which resulted in the disappearance of three hundred girls from the dormitory at their school.

"In honor of those girls, their families and young women everywhere who are fighting to be educated," wrote Banks, "I enlisted a a few of my friends to renew the push to #BringBackOurGirls".

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"Bring Back Our Girls" was an online campaign that spread across the country following the kidnapping, bringing together people from all walks of life who posted photos of themselves holding up signs that read "Bring Back Our Girls" in a plea for the children to be returned to their families.

"The abduction in Nigeria -- and lack of resolve to find the girls -- is appalling," continued Banks, "Malaga Yousafzai has inspired me, as she has for years, to stay involved. I hope you will join us too".

Included with Banks' statement was a photo series of actors and cast members Ester Dean, Hanna Mae lee, Alexis Knapp, Chrissie Fit, Brittany Snow, Kelley Jackie, Hailey Seinfeld, Jamie Bell, Shelley Renner, and Banks herself all holding "Bring Back Our Girls" signs.

Banks also included a group photo of the cast holding up signs, provuding a united front against injustice.

Pitch Perfect 2 hits theatres in Spring 2015.