ABC's Bachelor in Paradise, the spinoff of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette that takes some vaguely remembered people and puts them in "paradise" to look for love, makes its debut soon.

Handcuffs And Hospitals Will Be Part Of Bachelor In Paradise

Chris Harrison, who hosts the show, is apparently very enthused about the project. On July 22, Zap2It reported on some things Harrison had to say about Bachelor in Paradise.

Harrison says that he doesn't "even know how to explain how good it is," which is pretty believable all told. He avows that the craziest thing to ever happen in the history of Bachelor related programming happens in Bachelor in Paradise. "It's inexplicable, and I mean that in the absolute definition of the term," Harrison proclaims. This would mean, of course, that something happens for which human beings do not have the words to express what is happening. If true, this would make for some pretty impressive television. However, he's probably just talking about whatever leads to the hospital visit and the handcuffs that showed up in a recent promo, which seems fairly explicable.

Photos Of Human Beings In Swimsuits Part Of Bachelor In Paradise Cast Unveiling

Of course, anybody who watches Bachelor in Paradise only want to know one thing -- does anybody find love? Well, Harrison does believe love will be found in paradise. Although, he evidently said this with a laugh, and so the harsh reality may be that these marginally famous people on a reality television show may not, in truth, find love. One will have to tune in to find out. Bachelor in Paradise premieres August 4 on ABC.