Amber Marchese is still livid with Melissa Gorga and Nicole Napolitano after what could have been a huge melee occurred on Bravo's hit series The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Twins Slam Amber Marchese For 'Playing Cancer Card'

She wrote on her blog Wednesday that while the highly talked about episode was taped months ago, she still feels betrayed by Gorga and Napolitano, and her sister twin Tersesa Aprea.

Marchese said her issue with Gorga was that she was the one who asked Marchese about Napolitano's divorce to begin with. She also stood by her decision to accuse Napolitano of cheating with a married man.

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"I have never had a discussion with Nicole about those reasons, I only told Melissa what I was told. A close member of the family shared the story about Nicole and how her affair hurt them, and I had no reason to doubt the veracity of the statement...Melissa's contention that I put her in 'in a bad spot,' honestly, Melissa...I'm calling your bulls---."

She then put Napolitano on blast for handling the rumors the way she did.

"Nicole could have easily dispelled talks of this rumor. Sadly, we all know that Nicole took the route of behaving like a barbarian instead."

Marchese went on to say that she felt like she was under attack and a victim of buying when the twins, or as she calls them, "evil little minions" confronted her about the rumors that swirled around Napolitano.

Take a look at the altercation.

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