Pitch Perfect fans may have to wait a few more months for the sequel, but one star says it will be worth it.

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In a new interview with Teen Vogue this week, Ben Platt, who plays Benji Applebaum says fans of the first one won't be disappointed. "Pitch Perfect 2 is about the Bellas and what happens to them as they get older," he told the magazine.

Pitch Perfect 2 has original stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson in the film and also added newbies such as veteran teenager Hailee Steinfeld. "Chrissie Fit was great and Hailee Steinfeld is such a pro -- she fit right in. I had no idea she was 17!" he said. "She's the most mature girl ever. I did most of my scene work with her, which was scary because she was the only one I didn't already know, but we had the best time together."

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Platt also shared that it's a little different than the first because "this time it's this big-budget studio film."

"We have a lot of scenes where there are thousands of extras for big performances, so Elizabeth Banks [Pitch Perfect 2's director] always had to make an announcement not to tweet anything or tell anyone what songs we're singing."

Platt, who is in Book of Mormon on Broadway, even shared that the cast is so tight Kendrick, Steinfeld, Wilson and Skylar Astin came to see him in his show.

Pitch Perfect 2 is set to be out in the spring.