'X-Men: Apocalypse' Movie Plot: Quicksilver Will Lead The Superheroes At Some Point, Find A Young Storm [VIDEO]


One of the fan favorites from X-Men: Days of Future Past was Evan Peters' take on the character Quicksilver. His goofy and sarcastic performance earned him enough credit to be put on the list for returning characters in Apocalypse. But what will the mutant be doing in the movie?

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It seems like Peters will have a more expanded role in this movie after he appeared in about three total scenes during Days of Future Past. But how does Quicksilver fit into the Age of Apocalypse story? It seems like he could help to herald in some of the well-known X-Men.

In the comics, Quicksilver was eventually placed in charge of a team of X-Men, becoming one of the trustworthiest of the mutants under Magneto's care. After his sister was murdered by Nemesis, Quicksilver spiraled into a depression. He still led the X-Men but he was careless. This changed after he met the mutant Storm who has escaped Apocalypse's Breeding Pens and fled to Africa. Quicksilver, learning of her escape from Magneto, volunteered to find her and offer her a place with the X-Men.

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At first, Storm fought Quicksilver, believing he was sent by Apocalypse. Pietro was finally able to convince her he was there to help and she joined the X-Men. Since then, the two have been slowly falling in love.

This is an interesting story line as it would allow for some of the original trilogy actors to re-emerge in younger forms during Apocalypse. It also leads into some of the events that may happen during the movie.

The rest of the comics tease Quicksilver fighting a Horseman named Abyss, who has been a rumored name to be included. He also works alongside Banshee, a mutant who appeared during First Class but was left out of Days of Future Past.

X-Men: Apocalypse opens in theaters on May 27, 2016.

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