James Holmes: Arsenal May Have Been Funded With Student Loans


It was revealed Monday by University of Colorado officials that Aurora shooting suspect James Holmes was being financed a whopping $26,000 per year for his academics; which could have been forked over to pay for his wide array of fire arms, ammunition and the explosives that were recently discovered in his residence.

The school was allegedly shocked to hear of the killer's incarceration on Friday via his deadly shooting spree. However, Holmes did unexpectedly drop out of his neuroscience graduate program on June 10th after flunking his final exam three days earlier.

According to the Business Insider, University of Colorado graduate school Dean Barry Shur had the following to say regarding the massacre discovery:

"Everybody is in a state of shock. Everybody is upset. Who wouldn't be?"

The neuroscience graduate program that Holmes was accepted to only admits six students per year.  The students who are in it all have top-notch grades and "near perfect" test scores, Shur said.

Holmes had originally enrolled at the school with "excellent credentials," Shur also mentioned.

During his first appearance in the court room yesterday, the alleged shooter was sporting orange Joker-like hair and a dazed demeanor.  This was clearly a far cry from the doctoral candidate who first stepped foot on the college with both reputable credentials and personal references. However, several who knew Holmes continue to describe him as a shy and quiet loner.

Over the last couple weeks, 90 packages that contained ammunition and other possible weaponry had been shipped to the campus. However, the school says there isn't any way of knowing the volume or content of the items; as they went straight to the shooter.

Officials are presently checking whether or not the materials from the school lab were used in the explosive devices discovered in Holmes' apartment.

Let's all keep our hearts and prayers with the loved ones of those injured and lost to this horrific event.

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