What will Simon Andreae do with American Idol after the upcoming scheduling of Season 14?

'American Idol' May Be Losing Its Spark After Latest Winner's Album Sales

The chief of reality TV for Fox recently did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in which he discussed the current issues with reality TV. Andraea is known for developing Naked & Afraid, which pairs two random people together to survive against the forces of nature. Since his arrival in January, The X Factor was canceled and American Idol has suffered its worst ratings yet.

Andraea said about the signing show, "I think it's the original and still the best. It's the only one of the singing shows that consistently makes megastars—I think that is its place on the schedule." The recent megastars have lost their way with album sales, with last year's winner having the lowest first week sales in history.

American Idol News Orleans Auditions With Keith Urban Secret Show

The real man in charge of American Idol is David Hill. Andraea spoke about Hill's recent work on the last season, including adding a new set of judges that were expected to be more effective. Regardess, Andraea explained, "For whatever reason, we ended up with a top 20 [group of contestants] that was less than stellar. David wanted the opportunity to continue the turnaround, so he asked and was offered Idol [season] 14."

"After this season [14], I don't know. We'll take a look at it," Andraea said. The judges of the show have been doing their scheduled auditions, with reports from New Orleans being relatively mediocre (for day one at least).