'Thor 3' Movie: Natalie Portman May Not Be In The Next Film Much, Could Lead To Main Character Marrying Sif [VIDEO]

Is it really possible to be human and dump the God of Thunder himself? It seems like it could be a possibility and Natalie Portman could be the mortal to do it to Chris Hemsworth's Thor.

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With Thor choosing to spend more time on Earth with Portman's Jane Foster at the end of the last standalone movie, The Dark World, the hero will most likely enter the next movie after extended time with his love interest both in Avengers 2 and Thor 3. But could the marry couple be apart when the third movie kicks off?

In the comics, the love affair between Thor and Jane Foster eventually ended when Foster fell in love with a mortal man, Dr. Keith Kincaid. Resuming their ancient romance, Sif and Thor were betrothed, and Sif lived on Earth posing as Donald Blake's cousin.

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Foster and Kincaid married, but wedding plans were cancelled for Thor, as Sif grew bored with his time spent as Blake, and returned to Asgard.

With Thor presumably on Earth after the events of Avengers 2, and the utter destruction that could take place, it would seem that he may want to go back into the arms of Foster only to find her not there anymore. This plot could play a role with the Ragnarok story happening in Asgard with Sif calling him home and his love for Jane pushing him back to Earth.

If the movie goes like the comics, Thor could be posed with a decision between staying on Earth and leaving Asgard to the mercy of Ragnarok and Loki or going back home to try and stop the destruction of his home world, which would take Portman out of the franchise for good.

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