‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Cast: Melissa Fumero Dishes On Relationship With Andy Samberg & ‘Breaking’ Andre Braugher [VIDEO]

It was previously revealed that the relationship between their characters probably wouldn't develop into much more just yet on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but it doesn't mean that actors Melissa Fumero and Andy Samberg don't have a great relationship off-camera.

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In an interview with Nuke the Fridge, Fumero talked about how working with Samberg was one of her favorite parts of shooting the show's first season, which earned them a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series.

"I think doing the bet was probably the first real highlight of the season for me. It was the first time that Andy and I worked together for a lot of hours," she said. "He's an amazing teacher and it's wonderful to work with him. I feel like I learned so much and grow as an actor when I work with him. It was the first time we got into jake and Amy's relationship and figure out and discover and play around with all the different tones of their relationship. So it just felt like a very challenging but growing week comedically and as an actor."

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Fumero also dished on working with Andre Braugher, and admitted that no one has an easy time of breaking him out of character as they shoot the series.

'He broke the other day and I can't remember why," she said. "It was me, Stephanie [Beatriz] and Terry [Crews], and I can't say what we were saying, but I say something, she says something, he says something and it was during rehearsal. Andre broke and literally all three of us were like, 'It happened! Oh my gosh, this never happened before. Andre Braugher broke.'"

However, she did admit that Samberg has been the only one to break Braugher while actually filming.

"It was in rehearsal so it doesn't really count. I think Andy's the only one that's made Andre break in a scene," she said. " He's really hard to break."

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 2 premieres Sunday, September 28 at 8:30 p.m. on FOX.

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