The couples' Florida trip on The Real Housewives of New Jersey takes a left turn when Amber Marchese and her husband Jim Marchese make their arrival and turn the getaway into a physical fight.

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Jim has already had his fair share of issues with his longtime friend, Teresa Aprea's man Bobby, but their relationship comes to a head when they can't seem to get past the tension that was sparked long before the trip.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Jim outs Bobby for messing with a girl while dating Aprea. But Aprea doesn't seem to want to hear the rumors and cries and yells, "Don't even go there!"

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Amber even yells at her husband for going too far and tells him, "If you wanna go there, I'm done."

But Bobby seems to be over yelling and goes on a rampage around the house asking where Jim is. Somehow glass shatters throughout the incident as well.

Take a look:

Before the big ordeal, Marchese reveals to the cameras that she sympathizes with Jim because he lost one of his closest friends and is determined to "push this friendship back together."

She goes on to encourage her husband to confront Bobby for being disloyal to him and his family. When they first arrive to the house, Bobby refuses to greet Jim while Amber goes out and says hello to everyone.

Melissa Gorga also confirms that there is lots of "tension" and "bad energy" between the two that needs to be worked out.

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