'Fantastic Four' Reboot Rumors: Kate Mara's Sue Storm To Be Adopted By Michael B. Jordan's Parents, Team Gets Their Powers From Bad Experiment Exposure [VIDEO]

The Fantastic Four reboot has already promised to do things a little differently in order to create a strong, gritty, character driven superhero movie. According to new rumors, it seems like a lot of changes are on the way from the original movies.

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Schmoes Know picked up a scoop on the rebooted movie on Friday that answers a few questions about the team and their origins.

According to the site, instead of Michael B. Jordan's Johnny Storm being the adopted child as originally thought, it will actually be Kate Mara's Sue Storm that will be adopted into Johnny's family. It makes sense because Reg E. Cathey was cast as their dad, Dr. Franklin Storm.

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Another scoop on the origins story clarified how they will be getting their powers saying that, "in the film, the team will gain their powers through a lab experiment gone wrong in a way, where they create a portal to another world or dimension (its not clear) and they get their powers after the exposure to this other dimension/planet."

The Tim Story-directed films starring Jessica Alba instead had the heroes and Dr. Doom gain their superhuman abilities through a scientific, outer space mission gone wrong. Schmoes Know added that with this story, it would make this version way more character-driven with a focus on each team members' relationship as well as Doctor Doom's.

Fantastic Four also stars Miles Teller, Jamie Bell, and Toby Kebbell. It is directed by Josh Trank and heads to theaters on August 7, 2015.

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