Haven's Audrey Parker will be back to her regular self by episode 7.

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Haven's resident Trouble-maker will take her aether and hit the bricks - either back to the void or into a casket - before the series heads into "Nowhere Man."

Before Mara (Emily Rose) makes her departure, however, she will hit peak form during "The Old Switcheroo" and "The Old Switcheroo: Part 2."

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"While Mara is pretty cool in the first episode I feel like episode 5, 6, 7 she really, really hits true Mara form which is really exciting," Rose said, according to Spoiler TV.

As per usual, Audrey (Rose) and Nathan (Lucas Bryant) won't get to celebrate their victory for long. The "Nowhere Man" trouble of the week will separate the newly reunited couple, and Audrey won't have her usual trouble immunity to help her solve Haven's latest disaster.

The loss of Audrey's magic immunity to the troubles will lead her to call in outside help during episode 8, "Exposure."

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