'Justice League' Movie Rumors: Brainiac To Be The Main Villain To Face Batman, Superman & The Crew, 'Suicide Squad' Line-Up Also Revealed To Include Deadshot? [VIDEO]

It seems like General Zod wasn't the only life form living outside of Earth and looking for destruction who picked up on the signal that Superman emitted during his last movie, and according to a new report, this time the villain will affect the entire Justice League.

Will The New Villain Team-Up Lead To A Fight With The Justice League?

Latino Review took to the Meet the Movie Press podcast on Friday to talk DC rumors and dropped hint on who it seems like screenwriter Chris Terrio is putting the Justice League up against in their first movie: Brainiac.

According to the report, when Superman activated the beacon during Man of Steel that would eventually bring Zod to Earth to battle the hero, it also alerted Brainiac and the super villain is on a crash course to Earth and will face the Justice League after a tease that will take place at the end of Batman v. Superman.

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In the comics, Brainiac is a principal foe of Superman, and is responsible for shrinking and stealing Kandor, the capital city of Superman's home planet Krypton. Due to multiple revisions of DC's continuity, several variations of Brainiac have appeared. Most incarnations of Brainiac depict him as a green-skinned being in humanoid form. He is bald, except for a set of diodes protruding from his skull.

He also added another scoop that revealed the lineup of the Suicide Squad, which will include Blockbuster, Multiplex, Jewelee, Mindboggler, Captain Boomerang, Vixen and Deadshot. The film is right now rumored to be directed by Fury director David Ayer.

Justice League is expected to come out at some point in 2017.

Listen to the full interview below.

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