Chalky White had a rough go of it during the fifth season of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, but off-screen actor Michael K. Williams was all smiles when he sat down to talk about the series.

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In an interview with Sway's Universe on Tuesday (featured below), fans who phoned in both discussed the actor's readability as a person and as an actor.

Wearing a black hat and sunglasses, Williams was both personable and articulate as he discussed his role on Boardwalk Empire and portraying the real-life character of Rick Ross in the new film Kill the Messenger.

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While the interview was taped prior to Sunday night's dramatic episode of Boardwalk Empire, it was not released until this week and so Williams was cautious about giving away too much.

"The Twitter fans, they'll kill me if I give spoiler alerts," he warned with a laugh.

Even as he discussed the series, the actor must have known something of the response he would get when Chalky met his end during the finale moments of the October 12 episode.

Reactions to the loss of Chalky were mixed, from those who found his exit unfair to those who found his sacrifice to be incredibly moving.

  Williams, who often gets involved with fans on Twitter, only reposted one comment on Tuesday about his character's death.

What seemed to resonate most with fans was Chalky's line about freedom as many reposted on Sunday and continue to do so even this week.

"All a dream to begin with," he said during the episode. "Ain't nobody ever been free." 

Boardwalk Empire continues on HBO with its fifth and final season Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.