In light of the recent celebrity leaked photos scandal featuring such A-List celebrities as Jennifer Lawrence, Rita Ora and Kate Upton, there are certain steps celebs can take to make sure their pictures don't get out.

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According to The Guardian on Friday, the first thing stars can do is to call the police. If called early enough, the police can help, but if photos have already been leaked, unfortunately "the police have limited resources and once any police investigation has begun, there is a risk of the victim losing control over the process."

The victim can also file an injunction. "Even if the material has been published or stolen it may still be possible to use privacy law and obtain an injunction to prevent further publication or remove published content on the internet in appropriate cases," the website writes.

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Another option is filing on the basis of copyright infringement. This is where the "copyright owner to request take down of photographs published without consent, irrespective of whether the photographs are private or not."

This is what Lawrence reportedly filed under this week. According to The Guardian on Monday, Google removed two links to a site hosting stolen nude photos of Lawrence, after her lawyers requested. The requests were filed under the digital millennium copyright act (DMCA) by Lawrence's lawyers Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp stating that they "impinged on Lawrence's copyright."