'Mistresses' Season 3 Premiere: Alyssa Milano Might Come Back For Just One Episode, Says 'It's A Tricky Thing' [VIDEO]

Some new theories are going around on how Mistresses plans to take out Savi's character ever since Alyssa Milano announced that she was leaving the show.

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On Friday, Entertainment Weekly managed to catch up with the actress where they asked her if she knew how the writers had planned to write Savi off the series.

"I don't know what is happening with that- I just know that I am not going back," Milano said. "I don't know how they're going to wrap it up."

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It's possible that Savi could be making an appearance for the opening episode of the third season, but Milano didn't seem too confident that that would be the best way to end her character.

"I don't think coming back for one episode is really going to do that storyline much justice," she said. "Okay, so she's going to see them, and then she's going to go off and disappear? Like, she's going to kill herself? I don't see how one episode is going to wrap that up... It's a tricky thing for them."

This gives the impression that Savi will likely be gone for good. Milano did mention that she would go ahead and film one episode if they filmed it in Los Angeles instead of Vancouver where they relocated to. But if the script doesn't do her character justice, then odds are that Savi will not be coming back even if it is to wrap things up.

Mistresses Season 3 is expected to premiere in summer 2015 on ABC.

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