Even though there was a proposed date for the trailer to come out, the studio may try and send it out early in order to start some buzz before the Hunger Games eats it up.

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Right now, the plan was for Lionsgate to release the first trailer for their upcoming film, Insurgent, on Nov. 21 when the next Hunger Games was set to drop. But could they release the trailer a little early to avoid getting lost in the buzz of the next installment in Jennifer Lawrence's franchise? Possibly.

Insurgent is right now at a crucial point as the first movie did solid, but was later outdone by The Maze Runner, which surprised at the box office and brought in a solid earning even after other young adult movies such as The Giver flopped. The movie also got more critical praise than Divergent and seemed to most moviegoers as the better film.

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Lionsgate knows that they will have to boost up the franchise a little bit as they move towards the March 2015 release date and while there is interest in stars Shailene Woodley and Theo James, there doesn't seem to be much outside love for Divergent like Hunger Games or Harry Potter before it has.

While The Maze Runner doesn't have that yet either, it also doesn't have a two-part finale planned for its series and if Insurgent doesn't bring it up by the time of that finale, the series could look to be in trouble.

So could they get the trailer out before? Possibly. Any boost in interest is a plus at this point for Insurgent.