Well before MTV's Jersey Shore took the reality TV world by storm, audiences became enamored with Growing Up Gotti, a program featuring the daughter of the late Gambino crime family boss, John Gotti, and her three boys; better known as "the Gotti hotties."

Ten years later and their worst fights behind them, Victoria, 51, and her now-adult children, Frank, 24, John, 27, and Carmine, 28 are set to return to A&E for a one-hour retrospective titled, Growing Up Gotti: Ten Years Later.

In lieu of the upcoming Nov. 10 special, Gotti took the opportunity to speak to Enstars about how the notion of a televised reunion initially came about.

"We were approached by A&E some months back and it took some thought processes going back and forth. It made sense," she said.

Victoria, also a bestselling author of four novels, dished about how much she and her sons enjoyed being on camera during the show's one-year run from Aug. 2004 to Dec. 2005. She also emphasized how equally fun it was getting back together with A&E for its upcoming standalone show.

"I had a ball doing it. The kids had a ball. I have no regrets, Last time it was incredible. This time around it is just as incredible. The boys grew up on camera, and even further off of it," she explained.

Whether it was bickering over hair gel, or getting into fist fights, Gotti admitted that all her sons, especially her middle one John, seemed to be the most remorseful for their on-air hostilities.

"Johnny seemed most bothered by the amount of fighting that they did back in the day," she said.

However, the Long Islander feels that the frequent quarreling that occured between her usually-shirtless boys was no different than that of any other typical family.

"My attitude is for you to show me a home where that isn't going on, then there's something seriously wrong behind the scenes," she added.

Interestingly enough, Victoria explained that it was actually John, Frank and Carmine who were first approached to participate in a version of the infamous Jersey Shore.

"From the boys' perspective, when it [Jersey Shore] first aired, they always expressed the fact that they were glad they made their choice and had no regrets," she said.

Since Growing Up Gotti wrapped in "05," the three 20-somethings have gone on to open and grow a successful scrap metal business, in which each of them has their own specific task.

"They have four plants. Everybody has their purpose and their place in the company. They are all dependent on one another," Victoria said.

In terms of what she's up to as of late, the doting mother proudly gushed about having to prep for John's upcoming wedding, which she says will take up a considerable amount of her family's time.

"John is getting married. We're planning a wedding. That's going to be a beautiful event. It will probably consume the family for a bit," she said.

Although Gotti will clearly have her hands full planning for her son's nuptials, she's also juggling a plethora of other projects.

"I own a lot of commercial property. That's a full-time job. I'm also building a lifestyle website with a product line and working on my next novel. I hardly have any downtime anymore," she said.

If fans of Growing Up Gotti were intrigued by the reality TV program a decade ago, Victoria thinks they'll be more compelled to watch her children now.

"Fans will get to see what actually attracted them to us to begin with, which is how close of a family unit we actually are. Those that love the family style element of the show will really enjoy it. I have to say, I think it's even better now," she said.

The A&E network special, Growing Up Gotti: Ten Years Later, is set to premiere on Monday, Nov. 10 at 9/8c.