As Lifetime's Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B has faced lots of controversy, the late singer's brother Rashad Haughton continues to diss the film on Twitter.

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Aaliyah's family has made it clear that they do not support the film since it was announced. But Haughton has not backed down lately.

He retweeted a fan November 4 who wrote, "I do not support the so called #Aaliyah movie if her family does not consent. [Rashad] has my support. #NoAaliyahmovie"

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On top of that he also retweeted a fan who dissed Alexandra Shipp's portrayal in Drumline: A New Beat. Shipp is playing Aaliyah in the biopic.

"Alexandra Shipp can't act and this 'Drumline' movie already makes me not want to watch her in the Aaliyah movie"

He went on to retweet a fan who called out the network for creating the movie without knowing Aaliyah's true story.

"This @lifetimetv #AaliyahMovie is wrong. Only @MissyElliott @RAD_6 @Timbaland, her family know the story. Not some book the movies based from"

Still, the network has decided to move forward with the movie despite Aaliyah's family and close ones attempting to halt it from being aired. The family previously expressed they felt that Aaliyah's story should be told on the big screen, TMZ reported. On top of that, it is rumored they had concerns of how her relationship with R. Kelly would be portrayed.

Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B premieres Saturday on Lifetime at 8/7c.