There is some doubt as to whether one of the stars of Netflix's Orange Is the New Black will return for season 3 in mid-2015.

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Jason Biggs, who plays Piper's (Taylor Schilling) former fiance Larry on the Netflix series, may not actually have a starring role in the show's third season. A report from the Inquistr mentioned that Biggs would not be returning a series regular to Orange Is the New Black, and the actor has not tweeted or mentioned anything about the series lately.

If indeed Biggs won't be in Orange Is the New Black next year, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise, given his character's arc. Piper and Larry have pretty much gone their separate ways at this point, with Larry now moving on to Polly (Maria Dizzia) and Piper falling back in love with Alex (Laura Prepon).

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Larry was last seen in season 2 with Polly when they helped Piper with getting Alex back into prison with her. The scheme involved Polly telling Alex's parole officer that she had planned to skip town, which would obviously violate her probation.

Now that Larry is essentially no longer relevant to Piper's life, it may not be necessary to keep up with him and Polly anymore for season 3. However, very little has been revealed about season 3 with show runner Jenji Kohan being very secretive about spoilers, so anything could happen.

Orange Is the New Black will begin streaming season 3 in mid-2015, with the first two seasons currently streaming in full on Netflix.