While the box office returns for the third Expendables movie weren't exactly what they were hoping for, it seems like that hasn't deterred Sylvester Stallone from planning the fourth movie and he will be learning from his mistakes this time.

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In an interview with Crave Online on Sunday, Stallone talked about The Expendables 3 and how the PG-13 rating really hurt their final product.

"Absolutely unequivocally yes," he said. "I believe it was a horrible miscalculation on everyone's part in trying to reach a wider audience, but in doing such, diminish the violence that the audience expects. I'm quite certain it won't happen again."

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As for the next movie, Stallone talked about bringing back the R rating and how even though that may make it seem unrealistic, he hopes to bring some punches for the next movie that will blow people's minds.

"[It's is a big conflict for me because in an R-rated film it is difficult to believe that none of the heroes die," he said.

"I personally just believe that the characters become identifiable and their demise could put a dark cloud over an audience exiting the theatre after seeing the film. But that may change in 'Expendables 4′..."

That could change? Is Stallone saying that a major character could be killed off in the next movie?

It seems like the star is looking to change it up a little bit with their next outing and most likely one of the main faces like himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren or Randy Couture could be biting the dust in the fourth film.