'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' News: Star-Lord's Father May Be In The First Movie—Has He Been Under Our Noses The Whole Time? [VIDEO]

One of the biggest questions heading into the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie has to be who the father of Chris Pratt's Star-Lord may be. While many fans have speculated it could be someone like Adam Warlock from the comics, a recent theory says it could be a character we have already met.

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Newsarama broke down a theory on Wednesday twhich states the father of Chris Pratt's character in Guardians is The Collector.

The character, played by Benicio Del Toro, was seen briefly in the first movie and in a small cameo during an end credit teaser for Thor: The Dark World. So what's drivng this father theory?

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The site gave three reasons why this character fits the bill of Star-Lord's father according to previous clues: abstract "angelic" qualities, a familiarity with Yondu and his crew (Yondu may think he's a jackass), and Star-Lord's father is an ancient being of an unknown race.

This makes sense as The Collector does wear a cape and his shock-white hair makes him look otherworldly. His mother, during the film's opening scene, describes his father as being an angel from heaven, which is why The Collector may fit the bill.

It also checks that he works with Yondu since, as the site said, The Collector was the one who sent him to collect Peter Quill after he went rogue with the gem.

It is an interesting theory and one that goes in line with what writer/director James Gunn has been saying recently about the identity not coming from the source material. But would this work?

Maybe…or it could be a major MacGuffin that leads us on a wild chase. Eitther way, the identity of his father will be revealed soon.

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