'X-Men: Apocalypse' Movie News: Archangel Could Join Cast Of Deadpool & Wolverine For 'X-Force' Following Inclusion In Next Film [VIDEO]


As Fox prepares for another outing with their standard X-Men movie franchise, more options could be coming available after this movie that could include a team-up of Wolverine, Deadpool, and this fan-favorite character.

Oscar Isaac Believes This Character Will Return With Him To 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

ScreenRant looked through an interview with Oscar Isaac on IGN on Saturday to see what his quotes could mean about the future of the franchise. What it led them to believe was that there could be room for X-Force later on with the studio maybe eyeing their unknown 2018 release date as the place to put it.

The site pulled a set of quotes from the interview where Isaac praised director Bryan Singer and writer Simon Kinberg on their ability to create multiple dimensions in their franchise, much like the comics, and what that could mean for the future of the series.

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"Ultimately, it's about making something compelling and interesting to watch. I think being faithful to certain characters from the comics is very important, but it's a different medium. I think, ultimately, you want to make a great movie," he said.

"That's the most important part, and then finding, if not the exact details, the soul of the characters, of the stories, of what the whole thing was. Those aspects, even if you're moving certain things around and maybe not being true to this particular storyline and adding this new thing, I think those are much more important. The experience of it will be much more compelling in the end."

The site also talked about this leading to the possibility of Archangel, who was last seen in X-Men: The Last Stand, joining up with the X-Force that could also include Deadpool and Wolverine. With Fox looking to keep up with Marvel and Warner Bros. in the superhero department, this new team could help them get into the fight.

With the 2018 release date still not named, it could be that Fox is looking to set-up a team for X-Force early and is waiting to unveil who will be apart of it at the right time.

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