Euros of Hollywood star Sascha Gerecht (aka "German Tank") is Bravo's newest reality star, but that's not all he is.

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In a new interview with Enstars, Gerecht, who founded his own fashion brand, Rockstars & Angels, discussed everything from his childhood to his career to his fitness routine, revealing he is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to making a name for himself in America.

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Enstars: What was your childhood like?

Gerecht: Early on it was crazy because we traveled a lot for my father’s job. Then we settled in and I grew up in a really small village. I occupied my time with fineness, sports and music.

When did you move to America?

moved to America in 2006.

What was your intentions for moving?

Germany was too small for my dreams. I wanted to conquer the world and live the American dream.

How did your idea for fashion brand Rockstars & Angels come about?

I am friends with Christian Audigier and saw what he did with Ed Hardy and so I decided to try my hand at fashion.

What do you like most about living Hollywood?

I love the weather and the California lifestyle. It's a great place to live healthy. Also, anything is possible in Hollywood.

How were you approached for Euros of Hollywood?

Core Media ask me to jump in because of my crazy lifestyle and strong character.

What was your relationship with your co-stars prior to taping?

I knew of them all except for Mossimo. But I only had relationships with Jannik and Bleona.

What did you think of Bleona’s AMA gown?

I loved it! If you've seen the show, that's total Bleona. She pulled it off. I see her becoming huge is the US.

How is life as a reality star? Pros and cons?

Life as reality star is really an amazing opportunity. I gained so many new amazing fans and was able to promote my businesses (Rockstars & Angels and L.A.HERO) in a fantastic way.

How do you stay looking so young and fit?

I do a two-hour hardcore workout at the gym everyday and I eat properly. In addition, I go once a month for special facial, plus no alcohol and no smoking.

What can we expect from you in the future when it comes to your business and musical ventures?

I want to develop my career in the U.S., and make Rockstars & Angels one of the top fashion brands in the USA. Keeping it simple!

Euros of Hollywood airs every Tuesday at 12 a.m. on Bravo.