'James Bond 24' Movie News: Script Leak Reveals Massive Spoilers On Third Act, Confirms Blofeld As Main Villain & Possible Traitor [VIDEO]

With production underway, it seems like the new James Bond movie has hit another snag after their cars were stolen during the first week. But does this snag reveal the entire script of the movie, including a twist ending that no one likes?

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Gawker reported on Friday that the full script for the new movie, Spectre, has been put online via the Sony hack and those who have read over it are not too happy about the supposed twist during the third act (and for that matter the entire third act).

According to Entertainment Weekly, the leaked emails include correspondence between MGM's film division president Jonathan Glickman; Hannah Minghella, Columbia Pictures' co-president of production; and Elizabeth Cantillon, a Sony producer and former Columbia Pictures exec. Their emails, along with notes throughout the script, reveal several grievances, including the script's lack of a sufficient "twist" and a lack of resolve from the films before it.

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The hack reveals that the first two acts of the film deal with Bond, having destroyed part of Mexico City on a rogue operation, and facing forced retirement as MI-6 merges with its sister agency MI-5, escapes across Europe on a mission posthumously assigned to him by his late boss, M (played by Judi Dench). He seduces the wife (Monica Bellucci) of a man he assassinated, and, using information from her, attends a meeting of a sinister group of masked terrorists led by a man who knows Bond from his past.

Meanwhile, Bond's current boss, M (Ralph Fiennes), battles his likely successor and the head of MI-5, C (Andrew Scott), over the future of an intelligence sharing program called Nine Eyes. Bond witnesses the death of Mr. White, a villain from Casino Royale, and finds White's daughter Madeiline Swann (Lea Seydoux) in Austria. The pair head to Morocco, get drunk, have sex, have stilted conversations, take a train to the desert, and kill a henchman named Mr. Hinx (Dave Bautista).

The third act deals with Christoph Waltz's character being revealed as Blofeld and the other revelation that Scott's C has actually been working for Waltz the entire time. The problem comes with the forced reasons that Blofeld wants to do what he does, and the fact that his history with Bond doesn't seem to fit.

Spectre is set to come out on Nov. 6, 2015.

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