'Taken 3' News: Spoilers Say Liam Neeson's Character Will Be Framed For A Murder He Didn't Commit, Lenore Is Brutally Murdered [VIDEO]

Fans who have followed Taken through the past two movies can attest to the adventure and thrill in watching them, but Taken 3 is about to make things even more intense when Liam Neeson's character becomes the center of attention.

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Celebeat reported on Friday that Bryan (Liam Neeson) will be framed for his ex-wife Lenore's brutal murder. Bryan will feel from the CIA, FBI and police who are in hot pursuit to catch him.

Bryan will reportedly show up at his daughter Kim's school, University of California Los Angeles where he will set off a flash grenade in a classroom. This will activate a fire sprinkler system which allows him to escape as the police begin to close in on him.

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Like in the past movies, Taken 3 will allow Bryan to use his famous "particular set of skills" to track someone down. He will be attempting to find the real killers of his ex-wife while protecting his daughter.

According to Celebeat, the cast also includes: Forest Whitaker, Dougray Scott, Sam Spruell, Jon Gries, Leland Orser, Jonny Weston, Dylan Bruno, Andrew Borba, Judy Beecher, Al Sapienza, Don Harvey, Alex Wraith, Philip Silvera, John Manison, Derrick Worsley, Dale Liner, and Alex Disdier.

The original Taken features his daughter, Kim, being kidnapped by the Albanian mob and sold into sex slavery while on a trip to Europe with her friend. What her father thought was a chaperoned trip, turns out to be a solo trip to follow a band around Europe.

In Taken 2, the tables were turned when Bryan and his ex-wife Lenore were taken by the mob as revenge from the first movie. Kim had to follow the instincts of her father to save her parents.

Though the Taken series is wildly popular, this will be the final movie. It has even been officially subtitled It Ends Here.

Taken 3 premieres on January 9, 2015. Watch the official trailer below. 

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