The list of Jurassic World Lego sets have been revealed via UK based Toys R Us.

New Jurassic World Still Feat. Chris Pratt With Raptor Unveiled reported that the list was out. Six sets have been listed: 75915 Pteranodon Capture, 75916 Dilophosaurus Ambush, 75917 Raptor Rampage, 75918 T-Rex Tracker, 75919 Ultra Dino, and 75820 Raptor Escape.

Earlier last month, Jurassic Bricks leaked the first official image of the Jurassic World Lego box packaging which features a whole bunch of dinosaurs surrounded by the human characters fighting off the dino wrath with futuristic guns.

In November, pictures of Lego models themed on Jurassic World were recently leaked online, and purportedly the new hybrid dinosaur has also been revealed.

Jurassic World Stills And On Set Photos Unveiled So Far 

On November 16, Comicbook unveiled the images. The D-Rex seems to be a skin-colored dinosaur which looks much like the T-Rex.

IGN  previously reported the Universal Partnerships announcement about releasing the toys in May 2015.

Jill Wilfert, the vice president of Lego's global licensing shared that the Lego toys will try to capture the movie's visual aplomb, and feature the "rich array of landscapes, vehicles, and dinosaurs that are perfect for inspiring a line of building sets."

News of a Lego movie based on Jurassic World has been doing the rounds and the credits for the recently released Lego Batman 3 movie built anticipation by teasing with hints of the dino franchise in Lego land.

IGN spotted the tease, stating that the end credits for the movie featured a cameo by a T-Rex as the soundscore from Jurassic Park played in the backdrop.

The film will hit theaters on June 12, 2015.

Watch the trailer for the movie here: