Supernatural is not finished with Cole.

Rowena 'Supernatural' Midseason Premiere Scene Stealer, Director Teases Ruth Connell Performance

Actor Travis Aaron Wade is back in Vancouver, preparing to film for his fourth episode of season 10.

"Hi Ho Hi Ho," Wade tweeted on Friday, getting Snow White lyrics stuck in the fans minds the world over as he posted a photo of his Supernatural welcome binder.

'Supernatural' Episode 15 Title Announced, What Will Happen After Cain's Return?

The vengeful character first popped up in the season 10 premiere, "Black," looking to put an end to the man who killed his father. Unfortunately for Mr. Trenton, that particular hunter was off trying out his new black eyes. When Cole did confront Dean (Jensen Ackles) in "Reichenbach," he got his rear handed to him by the supernaturally charged Winchester.

Cole rallied and returned in "Girls, Girls, Girls," this time sparing his nemesis' life once finding out the truth about his dear old dad. Now that he is returning for episode 15, which is titled "The Things They Carried," fans are starting to wonder if the former soldier will soon meet the same monstrous fate as his father.

Find out more when Supernatural returns to The CW on Jan. 20 at 9 p.m. ET. Click the video below to see a preview for the series next episode, "The Hunter Games."