'Transformers 4 Age of Extinction' News: Movie Highest Grossing In International Market For 2014 [VIDEO]

Transformers 4: Age of Extinction just added another feather to its hat, as it was revealed as topping the list of movies that were the highest grossing in the international market.

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The movie has not just ruled at the box office at home, but now internationally, new reports reveal. The movie registered 845.3 million dollars internationally. But while the movie has been the undisputed hit in the commercial sense, it was heavily panned by critics.

The film has been nominated in the category of the worst film of the year. It is no secret that the movie was a major disappointment with the critics and a lot of fans even though it reigned on the box office.

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The Guardian reported that the movie had beat all the major releases of the year cashing in a cool $1.087 billion. The report added that a lot of the money could be attributed to the fact that the Chinese market also had a big roled to play in making the movie a commercial hit. Age of Extinction is followed by Guardians of the Galaxy which made $772.3 million at the box office, and the Angelina Jolie starrer Maleficent ranks third. 

The critics were quite unimpressed by Age of Extinction, and weren't very polite about it either. Even some of the fans were deeply disappointed by Bay's shtick. An honest trailer brings relief to viewers who felt cheated by Transformers 4: Age of Extinction, and have been seeking a platform that would engage with their dismay, in the funniest way possible.

The clip totally rips through Bay's latest Transformers movie, and brutally mocks every aspect of it. 

"From the director who just wants to watch the world go boom and the studio that enables him, comes the dumbest, most incoherent Transformers movie yet, which is really saying something," the male voice-over gives context to a whole lot of action visuals. The trailer then proceeds to calling the movie a "piece of shit" in which viewers have "no idea what's happening."

Other than taking a swipe at how dumb the movie is, it also attacks it for keeping up its objectification of women, stating that with this film, plans should "prepare for a new low" as they make the movie's "hot chick" (Nicola Peltz) an "underage girl." It goes on to crticise the illegit relationship that Peltz's character has with Jack Reynor, who is a legal adult in the movie. The final blow is renderd when Age of Extinction is described as a "lazily produced" Michael Bay "crap fest" with unrealistic explosions.

Things get funnier as the third part of the trailer is in Chinese, and the subtitles reveal that even the Chinese are pissed at how shamelessly Michael Bay targets their people.

The voice-over finally lays the blame on Americans, and the fact that they have finally caught up to Bay's bullshit which is why he has turned is attention to China. "It's all your fault American pigs," she says.

Watch the honest trailer here:

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