'Empire' TV Show: Tension Between Cookie & Lucious 'Heats Up' In Episode 2 After He Favors Hakeem Over Jamal [VIDEO]

It's definitely safe to say Fox's new series Empire was a hit when it debuted Jan. 7, and now a report of what viewers can look forward to for the second episode, called The Outspoken King, has been released.

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While Lucious continues to put on a brave face despite all that he is going through in his personal life, the new episode only means more trouble for the brutal record company executive as his professional status is threatened.

Police also begin to look into the murder of Lucious's best friend, who Lucious actually shot and killed at the end of the first episode. His ex-wife Cookie also brings the drama as she works to defend the couple's son Jamal against Lucious's cruel actions toward him.

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A synopsis for the episode reads, "Lucious must defend Empire's IPO launch after controversies arise around one of his artists being involved in a shooting, and Cookie proves to be invaluable by helping Lucious turn a crisis into a triumph. Competition between Lucious and Cookie heats up when Cookie hears of Lucious's plan to stage a huge performance for Hakeem - but not Jamal. Meanwhile, the police begin to investigate Bunkie's murder."

The show definitely tackles very intense issues that concern the communities. Lucious struggles with accepting Jamal's homosexual lifestyle as Cookie not only stands up for him but comes up with a plan to beat Lucious out for the company, Empire.

What will be interesting is to see how Jamal and Hakeem's musical careers collide with one another given that they were extremely close before Jamal decided to step out with his own career (after being persuaded by Cookie).

Empire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Fox. Check out the teaser for the new episode below.

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