'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' TV Show: Claudia Jordan On 'Checking' NeNe Leakes 'That Ego Is As Big As Those Veneers' [VIDEO]

Claudia Jordan has dished about her now epic reading battle between her and her The Real Housewives of Atlanta costar NeNe Leakes and said someone had to put Leakes in her place, so she decided to be the one to do it.

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The two hit below the belt with one another quite a few times during their argument on Sunday night's (Jan. 11) episode, causing their co-stars to pick sides and viewers to be on the edge of their seats to see who would give the shadiest and most snide remark.

Jordan revealed to Bravo that while the original issue began with a confrontation between Demetria McKinney and Phaedra Parks, she wanted to step in because Leakes and Porsha Wililams were instigating the situation. That's when she and Leakes went head-to-head.

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"The peanut gallery of NeNe and Porsha didn't make things better high fiving each other, having side bar conversations that were not quiet, being disrespectful with little jabs towards Demetria, and a bunch of other very childish and passive aggressive behavior. I was shocked! It wasn't my argument, but I was still appalled."

She added that while she did not "come for" Leakes, she definitely stood up for herself when Leakes called her out.

"What transpired after that comment was what many call a 'read,' but for me it was just responding to a mean, rude, obnoxious bully that has for too long run rampant with that mouth and childish, ignorant behavior that needed to be checked. That ego is as big as those veneers, and quite frankly I was over it!"

She confirmed that she reached her breaking point when her efforts to be kind were not taken seriously.

See what else she had to say here.

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