'Tanning Mom' Patricia Krentcil Kicked Out of Own Roast for Drunken Behavior; Disses Snooki and Kristen Wiig (See Photos and Video)


New Jersey's "Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil can't seem to escape controversy.

She received national attention when she pled not guilty to child endangerment charges when her 6-year-old was discovered burnt, but now, she is making headlines again for being a sloppy drunk. Check out photos of her drunken meltdown here

She was attending a toast in her honor at the drag club, Hell's Kitchen XL Club was escorted out of the club for being belligerent.

"She showed up for the red carpet and fell over," one witness told The New York Post. "She then got up and tried to attack the drag queen."

Krentcil was incoherent and had trouble understanding the jokes being thrown her way.

"We asked her what she wanted to drink and she slurred, 'I didn't put my kid in a tanning bed!' " said Bianca del Rio, one of the evening's hosts, to The New York Post.

Krentcil was arrested on April 24 on a second-degree child endangerment charge when authorities claimed she took her kindergartener daughter Anna, now 6, into a tanning booth, where the child was allegedly burned. No one age 13 or under can enter a tanning booth in the state of New Jersey. 

Del Rio knew her and the other performers might need backup so "we came up with a code word earlier. It was 'Christmas.' After about five minutes, we were just screaming 'Christmas,' and security came and took her out." She was helping offstage after knocking over a glass of wine.

Krentcil told the Huffington Post her life has always been crazy.

"My life has always been like this ...  I come from seven kids and it's always been wild. I don't care. I think everyone should mind their own business. ... I have done a little modeling and I don't really care about all the attention and stuff like that. I like having fun."

She continued to explain that all of the negative comments she received didn't faze her .

"People are weak," she said to the Huffington Post. "Forget that girl on 'SNL' [Kristin Wiig, who made fun of her last season]; let's go with Jojo, what's her name from the Jersey Shore? Snooki, that's it, she said, um, I forget what she said, but she's after me. If she came up to me face to face, I think we would get along, but don't make a comment about me until you know me."

"Tan Mom" defends tanning booths even though she claimed she hasn't been to one in six months.

 "I do miss tanning a little," she said with a hint of sadness. "Smoking is more addictive than tanning. The last time I tanned was six months ago."

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