'Sherlock' Season 4 News: Benedict Cumberbatch Talks Holmes' Sex Appeal, 'He's A Rather Thrilling Person' [VIDEO]

Benedict Cumberbatch recently spoke about his character Sherlock Holmes on PBS's Sherlock and his sexiness with fans.

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Cumberbatch has certainly become an object of desire to many Internet commenters, particularly for his portrayal of Sherlock on the series of the same name. Discussing the sex appeal of Sherlock with NPR, Cumberbatch provided some logical reasons for it:

"Being really hyperobjective about it, I kind of ... do understand it because he's aloof, he's pretty cold and mean; but he's utterly brilliant, can be incredibly charming, incredibly capable and smart and funny but also flawed," he observed. "I think he's rather a thrilling person to spend time with."

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While Cumberbatch is quick to list reasons for Sherlock's sexiness, he is not as kind to himself about the same question.

"It's a projection of work, and that's why you're right to ask the question about whether Sherlock is sexy, because I sure as hell ain't," he said. "And I've been around for 10 or 15 years before this happened and I wasn't on any lists of the millionth most attractive. ... It's just very flattering and it makes me giggle, as [fans] know, because it is - it's sort of silly. ... I think it is a reflection of the work and hopefully how I come across when I'm talking about the work, rather than what I actually have got."

Plenty of Cumberbatch's fans would disagree that he isn't sexy, but he said he doesn't mind the recognition from fans at times. However, he also noted that there are certain times that he wishes he were "invisible" to the world.

The role of Sherlock Holmes has brought Cumberbatch the most fame so far, but his standout role in the new film The Imitation Game may have gotten him a whole new batch of fans. The popular actor was just nominated for an Oscar for Best Lead Actor for his portrayal of mathematical genius Alan Turing in the film.

Meanwhile, Sherlock returns for a holiday special in the fall while season 4 is slated to return in early 2016 on PBS.

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