Michael Phelps Girlfriend: Taylor Lianne Chandler Opens Up On Being Forced To Be A Boy As A Child & Her Sexual Assault [VIDEO]


Taylor Lianne Chandler opened up on the difficulties she had growing up with sexual abuse and apparently being forced to be the gender she knew she wasn't.

Taylor Lianne Chandler Explains Why She Was So 'Freaked Out'

On Tuesday, Uinterview posted the details from the woman who claims to have dated Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and announced that she was born intersex. As a child, her grandparents raised her where they didn't seem to realize that their granddaughter was not a boy.

"I never said I wanted to be a girl; I just was. It wasn't until I went to pre-school- and I remember that day specifically- they said girls line up over here, boys line up over here and I instinctively got on the girl line," Chandler said. "Initially, I think [my grandparents] thought it was something psychological, so they'd take me to the doctor and it was kind of like a 'screw his head on straight' kind of thing."

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Even though Chandler's grandparents eventually realized that their granddaughter was a female, she still had her times where she was forced to be a boy- after she was sexually assaulted.

"From kindergarten to third grade I pretty much went to school as a girl, even though my name wasn't changed," the 42-year-old said. "Then the end of third grade, summer before I went to fourth grade, I had been molested. That ended and I kind of had a mini breakdown, and when I went back to Florida they cut all my hair off, switched me to private school and forced me to wear a boy uniform."

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