Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield Engaged: Actress Opens Up On The Paparazzi & Anxiety, 'I Put A Lot Of Pressure On Myself' [VIDEO]

Emma Stone opened up in an interview where she revealed interesting details about herself, fiance Andrew Garfield and what it's like for them when the paparazzi hounds them.

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On Saturday, iSchoolGuide reported on behalf of The New York Times that the actress opened up about her personal life in the recent interview.

The 26-year-old Academy Award nominated actress talked about her parents, her fiance and her life as a famous actress.

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When asked about how she convinced her parents to let her try acting she apparently also opened up about her love for PowerPoint presentations.

"I made a PowerPoint presentation for my parents when I was 14. I asked them to let me move to L.A. about why I should be an actor. I never wanted to do anything else, from 7 on. It wasn't a flight of fancy." She added, "I asked to be home-schooled in a different presentation when I was 12. That was on a clipboard. I'm not kidding. I make presentations because when I feel strongly about something, I cry."

She also mentioned how she doesn't think it's right for paparazzi to hang outside her home.

"It's uncomfortable to have photographers outside of your home. That's never going to feel good, and I don't think that's O.K. Yet there's also a goal to live life normally. So, if they photograph you walking to the same restaurant every morning, like you do when you live in a neighborhood ­-- Honestly, I try not to think about it any longer than when it's happening."

Stone apparently suffered from panic attacks, but acting has helped her relieve them.

"Once you lock into a role or improv, it's like flying. When I'm trying to make a point, in life, I put a lot pressure on myself. I'm sure that's related to the crying: the perfectionism, the need to communicate in the right way. It made me really, really anxious. All I wanted to do was sit in my bedroom and worry, but instead, acting threw me into situations where you just have to go with it. And it was good for me. Like the shy kid on the debate team," she said.

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