Gabrielle Union is now happily married to Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade. But she has revealed that while planning her wedding she helped produced and starred in Lifetime's newest original movie With This Ring, a story of three single women hoping to find love.

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While out and about promoting the romantic comedy, Union and her co-star Regina Hall spoke with Extra TV's Tracey Edmonds.

Union opened up about the interesting timing of leading the movie while preparing to tie this into her real personal life.

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"I was getting married. So I was with this ring," she joked.

She went on to dish on married life and said, "It's good. I have a crush on him. I like him."

Union starred opposite of former NFL star Deion Sanders and Edmonds' real life boyfriend.

She reassured Edmonds that Sanders did not give her "any trouble" while filming together.

"I think I was into dating him with football questions more than anything."

Sanders isn't the only guy that Union has to get close to for the television and movie cameras. She currently stars as Mary Jane in BET's hit series Being Mary Jane. The show is just days away from its second season premiere. But last season Mary Jane had pretty intimate scenes with her then boyfriend Andre (Omari Hardwick).

Union recently dished on how Wade feels about her doing love scenes.

"If I have to be fine with him not blocking out on occasion, he's gotta be fine with this, you know? I let him find out when America finds out. It's a surprise. It keeps the marriage spicy."

Take a look.