'Fantastic Four' 2015 News: Teaser Trailer Gets Released As The Group Shows Off Their Extreme Powers, Watch It Here [VIDEO]

The teaser trailer for The Fantastic Four has been released that shows a heavy story filled with action coming this summer.

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Posted on Tuesday, the trailer starts off with a voice talking about how human beings can go so far as to how much can be discovered. There are also moments inside giant labs as the narrator continues to say that it's up to the people to decide how the population can improve.

Miles Teller can be seen before he comes Mr. Fantastic. The clip also shows off Kate Mara before her Invisible Woman persona kicks in along with Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm and Jamie Bell as Ben Grimm. Each member has their own personality with sports, fixing cars and working on computers.

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It seems that they don't realize just yet how much of their talent is really going to have to come together.

There's some mystery taking place for when this group is going to join as a team, but there are little glimpses of their powers, including Johnny turning into flames and Ben becoming The Thing. Mr. Fantastic will also have a more hardcore side to him that differs from the guy who was seen in the beginning.

He will also be told to be ready for the "answers" that are coming. This is when the gang stands together and stare at the sky that can only bring something epic.

The Fantastic Four hits theaters on August 7.

Watch the trailer below.

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